EGD Glass Receives Award of Merit for St. Michael’s Hospital Chapel


Eve Guinan with Katelyn Marie Poyntz and Kelly Gilbride.

EGD Glass has recieved an Award of Merit in the category of Conservation: Materials, Craftsmanship and Construction from the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals.

EGD’s glazing team worked to restore the 75-year-old stained glass windows that grace the chapel at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. The goal was to maintain the historical integrity of the stained glass by using as much of the original materials as possible. The Chapel’s 10 stained glass windows were originally designed and fabricated by Yvonne Williams in her Toronto design studio in 1939. The windows were made from tiny pieces of fully painted glass.

The renovations began in 2014. A condition survey revealed the stained glass windows were in poor condition. A lack of protective glazing meant the windows had been exposed to the elements over the years. EGD Glass was contracted to provide a full conservation treatment.

EGD Glass removed the windows from their openings before taking rubbings and thorough documentation. The windows were dismantled in our Toronto studio and reconstructed using best practice of conservation principles. The restored windows were reinstalled in their original openings in 2015.

The restoration was covered by the Toronto Star in 2014.

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