10 Reasons To Repair Your Old Windows

Reasons to repair old windows

Your old windows are looking a bit warn out these days. They might even be drafty or damaged. Are you thinking of replacing them?

Think again before replacing your heritage windows. According to the National Trust For Historic Preservation, old windows are easily repaired and can be just as energy efficient as a new window.

Check out this list of 10 Reasons to Repair Your Old Windows.

Reclaimed Stained Glass Dome For Sale

Reclaimed Stained Glass Dome

The oval shaped stained glass dome.

This oval-shaped stained glass dome is comprised of curved glass panels, set into a custom made steel sectioned frame. The design makes use of bevels and jewels in a traditional pattern. The glass is coloured a brilliant sky-blue and peach, with clear texture. It is a contemporary version of the original hand rolled machine made glass in “seedy marine” and “ripple” patterns.

The dome occupies a footprint of approximately 9 by 12 feet, and is 50 inches high at its centre. The dome has remained in excellent condition, having been housed and well protected in a dome room. The frame disassembles into sections for easy transportation.

View the dome on our website or contact Eve Guinan for more information.

Reclaimed Stained Glass Dome

The dome is 9 by 12 feet, and is 50 inches high at its centre.