Continuing on the Theme of Innovative Digital Art…

We came across another fascinating digital art application by Lumacoustics.  Since the beginning of the graffiti subculture one major question has been posed: Art or Vandalism?

There are a ton of phenomenally talented graffiti artists world-wide and Lumacoustics is now taking the art of graffiti  one step further into the 21st Century.

Lumacoustics has designed a digital  graffiti wall, an interactive surface in which you use a modified spray can to digitally “paint” or “tag” a virtual wall.

Allowing you to customize every stroke and pattern, this interactive graffiti wall is an incredibly innovative art tool.  We’d love to play with it to bring our stained glass designs to life for the 21st century.

The below video shows a graffiti artist going to town on what Lumacoustics has dubbed YrWall.